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 posted by Gurdwara Shahid Asthan   from United Kingdom on November 09, 2012 10:21 AM

The Chana family from Nawa Quilla are pleased to inform with the blessing of Wahe-Guruji that Gurdwara Shahid Asthan is now near completion and ready for a place of worship and serving the
Gurdwara Shahid Asthan is located in Nawa Quilla, Shahkot, Jallandhur, India and it’s history dates back some 225 years where a small number of bricks were placed in a form of circle next to a tree called "Bari”. History of Baba Shahid dates back t0 1787.
The Gurdwara is renowned to give gifts to those people who believe in Baba Shahid from the bottom of their heart.
Over the years the Gurdwara has had many changes much of it funded by the donations from relatives, friends and associates. Today the Gurdwara is run by two committees, one based in India and the other in England. The long term vision of the Gurdwara is to have "eye camp” and a primary English school to continue to herald the founding mission to help the needy regardless of caste colour or creed and to serve as a place of worship.

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